You’ve built a great reputation for your practice, thanks to flawless technique, clever management and sophisticated marketing. You’re ready to let all you’ve worked for finally start to work for you.


A question: How many patients are you seeing each day?


Top-tier dentists can walk into a practice with a stacked appointment log of up to 20 patients. That’s 20 individuals with unique fears, nerves and questions, that you need to reassure. Of course, you understand this – caring for your patients is part of what makes you great at what you do.


BUT, taking time to talk through procedures step by step with anxious or fearful patients slows down the procedure itself, and takes away precious time and focus, where you could be doing what you do best.

Nervous patients or those who require extensive procedures are often well-suited to general anesthesia, but the cost, impact and coordination involved in hospital referrals can be both prohibitive and time-consuming.


What if you could offer IV Sedation in-house?


What if you could have the benefits of going to a hospital – without actually going to a hospital?

A snapshot:

An instant boost in productivity.

The meticulous work you’re known for, in half the time - AND stress-free.

More production from fewer patients. On average, you’ll see the same production from three IV procedures as you would from 20 regular procedures.

Business growth of up to 30% within 12 months.

Take away the energy you’d usually spend on reassuring and explaining, and you’re able to focus on what you do best. A win-win for you and your patients.

Dr Minoo Vellani is a dental sedationist with a difference:

He’s a qualified, experienced dentist.

He comes to you, regularly travelling to regional areas, and brings everything required.

He has had extensive international training, and has worked under highly regarded specialist anaesthetists.

As a dentist, Dr Vellani naturally knows what another dentist needs – and more importantly when they need it. He takes great pride in tailoring a sedation plan to suit each individual patient – and their dentist.


As such, Dr Vellani presents a unique package – offering a highly experienced, bespoke IV Sedation service to patients and their dentists all across Australia.

If you’ve got a successful practice, you’re probably ready to take it to the next level.


Contact Dr Vellani to discuss how Bespoke Dental Sedation provides you the freedom to do the dentistry you want – with extraordinary patient and production benefits.


How to grow your business by up to 30% in the next 12 months by offering intravenous sedation.


Before and after – 18 months of offering intravenous sedation.


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