IV Sedation | A Dentist’s Perspective


Having practiced dentistry for thirty plus years, I am fully aware of the many varied patients with differing treatment needs, which can come the way of a dental clinician. A percentage of these patients exhibit extreme treatment anxieties, phobias and/or medical conditions that have prevented them from seeking badly needed dental treatment in the past. These anxieties are often compounded by the often increased severity and complexity of their dental problems.


As health professionals, it belies our potential, if we do not have the ability to treat such patients in a comfortable, anxiety free and safe dental environment. The ability to offer intravenous dental sedation to such patients within the confines of our own, well controlled and equipped dental environment, is a strong affirmation of our ongoing care to all our patients, regardless of their presenting treatment anxieties or conflicting conditions.


Hugh Fleming Dentistry has employed intravenous sedation on routine fortnightly sessions for over twenty years and many of our patients attend our practice simply because we offer this service. In providing such a service, a percentage of our patient base is made up of a unique and very loyal patients who see us as a “saviour” to their dental needs. A perception which is further enhanced by the ability to perform often complex and multi-faceted treatments in a relaxed, time and cost efficient manner. A very gratifying and rewarding experience without doubt for the patient, but also the clinician, and in fact, the entire dental team.


Dr Minoo Vellani under the banner Bespoke Dental Sedation has been a prominent contributor to this experience and operates a regular sedation list at Hugh Fleming Dentistry. Being a registered dentist, as well as a dental board registered dental sedationist, he exhibits an excellent understanding of the unique requirements pertaining to dental sedation, as it relates specifically to the needs of the dental practitioner, in performing often complex and difficult dental procedures, within the confines of the oral environment.


I would highly recommend the use of intravenous dental sedation, within an adequately fitted and controlled dental practice environment, where it is administered by a dental sedationist whose experience, abilities and qualifications support a safe and well controlled sedation experience. Dr Minoo Vellani fulfils exactly such a sedation treatment service, allowing the clinician to concentrate on the dental treatment at hand, while he expertly and safely administers and monitors the patient’s sedation needs.


Dr Hugh Fleming

Principal Dentist

Hugh Fleming Dentistry