IV Sedation | A Dentist’s Perspective


I have used IV Sedation, and other sedation techniques, for 35 years, with varying degree of success.


While IV Sedation has been my preference, I had not found a reliable practitioner who I felt shared the same treatment philosophy that I had.


I became reacquainted with Dr Minoo Vellani 2 years ago, and it has completely changed my view on the use of sedation – particularly for complex implant surgery. Previously, I had only considered sedation as a means to treat patients with dental phobia(s) who otherwise would not go ahead with treatment. What I have learnt from working with Minoo is that when done properly, IV Sedation opens up a whole new world of managing a complex case.


The major differences I have found (as compared with local anaesthetic only cases and IV Sedation provided by other practitioners) include:


  • Dr Vellani provides a comprehensive telephone consultation before surgery, which I believes builds trust with the patient, and the whole team, and as a result we seem to start our appointments with a calmer patient.
  • He provides telephone support for the patient postoperatively.
  • The surgical appointment for most patients becomes more predictable, and as result the whole team is much calmer.
  • Dr Vellani’s management of patients who have complex medical requirements is done with confidence, allowing us to treat patients that I would not have previously attempted.
  • I believe that his extensive experience as a clinical dentist allows him to support me clinically in those difficult moments that inevitably occur from time to time, in complex surgical cases.
  • Most surprisingly for me, is how well my patients recover after surgery. Patients invariably tell me that they feel great after surgery. Even after full arch implant surgery there is little or no swelling or pain. I am now of the belief that even patients who I would not normally consider as candidates for IV Sedation will have a far better experience post-operatively.


As recently as this week we did a full arch implant case on a patient who had a lifelong phobia about dental treatment, and a history of heavy recreational drug use. This made both the sedation and surgery quite challenging. As a team we managed to get through the case with Minoo’s expert management. The next day the patient reported that this was literally a life-changing experience for him as he could not believe that a major dental treatment could be so easy. Incredibly, the patient did not need to take any analgesics at all!


I can honestly say that working with Dr Vellani has categorically changed my approach to complex dental treatment.



Dr Glenn Willey

Senior Dentist

Dental Fresh