IV Sedation | A Dentist’s Perspective


I have been treating patients under dental sedation for the past 20 years. I believe the sedation should be carried out by a qualified, separate practitioner, and not the dentist doing the work as we as dentists need to concentrate on the work at hand.


Sedation has numerous advantages for both the dentist and the patient.


For the dentist, I find it much easier to work on patients who are sedated, particularly for complex procedures or difficult patients. Access is much easier, I can work much quicker, the mouth is much drier, and I don’t have to worry about patient issues such as gagging or anything slipping down the throat as the rear of the mouth is closed off.


From the patient’s perspective, sedation is a very pleasurable experience as dental work is carried out painlessly, with no recollection of what has transpired. Unlike a general anaesthetic, the recovery is much more pleasant and patients often feel euphoric afterwards, except for a bit of light headiness.


The procedure is particularly useful for very nervous patients or for complex, invasive procedures.


I have been using the services of Dr Minoo Vellani for a few years now and have found him to be proficient, extremely caring, and reliable with regards to the service he provides. The level of sedation he uses on each patient matches accurately the requirements of both the patient and the dentist. I have also received extremely positive feedback from patients whom he has sedated.


Dr Jeff Brown

Lead Dentist

Maven Dental Greenwood