IV Sedation | A Dentist’s Perspective


Practically every dentist hears the groans and reluctance on a daily basis. Although there are patients who understand the benefits of maintaining their dental health and visit on a regular basis, there are very few people who actually enjoy going to the dentist. Unfortunately, there are many more people who really can’t get past the fear that can be associated with seeing a dentist – and simply avoid it.


It is these patients that will eventually be forced to the dentist simply because they can’t handle the pain or their situation any more. Their oral environment has become too difficult to function with, and they finally have no choice but to get treatment done.


Offering sedation to these patients has become an invaluable part of my practice. In the past it was not uncommon to treat anxious patients with emergency dental procedures to relieve their pain, giving them a detailed long term treatment plan and then never seeing them again due to their fear. However, giving patients the option to sleep during their dental procedure allows relief of some of their initial fears and objections.


Patients are able to properly discuss more thorough treatment plans, which they never would have considered in the past. They are much more receptive to completing a full treatment plan, which in turn gives them the health and function that they had always wanted. This is obviously the best end result – for both the patient as well as the dentist.


As a dentist and business owner, having Dr Minoo Vellani as part of our practice has been extremely beneficial for both my staff and my patients. Offering sedation to our patients has helped them to slowly lower their fears and anxiety associated with dental treatment and allowed many of our patients to follow through on their dental treatment. The process is incredibly simple – after Dr Minoo has confirmed that the patient is suitable and a date is set, the entire procedure takes place in the comfort of our dental surgery. The patient feels safe in familiar surroundings and completely relaxed throughout. Dr Minoo is excellent at ensuring that the patient is well sedated, so that the dentist can perform their work to a high standard.


I can honestly say that we have been able to offer and complete many more dental treatments at my practice since we have had Dr Minoo with us. Every patient has been so grateful for the chance to change their smile and slowly get past their dental fears. I highly recommend his services to many of my patients – as well as to every dentist.


Dr Nidhi Berara
Principal Dentist
Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary