IV Sedation | A Dentist’s Perspective


As a dentist with over 14 years’ experience, and having dabbled in every aspect of dentistry, in particular new advancements and technologies, I can honestly say that nothing has had a greater impact on my practice than Sleep Dentistry.


Sleep Dentistry, IV Sedation, or Twilight Sedation, are all names for a sedation technique that allows dental procedures to be performed while the patient is asleep or drowsy, in a dreamlike state. Under this type of sedation, patients wake up with no (or in milder cases of sedation) minimal recollection of the sensations of the dental procedures completed.  Patients are comfortable and relaxed during their sleep dental procedure.


Having worked with Dr Minoo Vellani in my Brisbane practice, I can say that having a trained, qualified, experienced and highly knowledgeable sedationist like Dr Vellani by my side has allowed me to help patients that I otherwise would never have been able to assist. Sleep dentistry has allowed me to help patients that have had traumatic experiences, patients that have limitations in how long they can sit through a complex procedure, have involuntary gag reflexes and most importantly patients that genuinely need dental treatment, but are fearful or apprehensive of the dental experience.


Although patient comfort is our highest concern, having a relaxed comfortable patient in turn allows me to perform the best dentistry possible for my patients. This win-win situation means I cannot recommend sleep dentistry highly enough, for select cases.


Dr Vellani is an integral part of the success of my procedures and patient satisfaction. With a dental background, years of sedation training and experience and the latest technology on hand, Dr Vellani is truly exceptional.


Dr Khaled Shahin

Principal Dentist

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